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BHIM APP Referral Bonus & Cashback Offers – Procedure to Get Rs 25 Rewards

BHIM APP Referral Bonus & Cashback Offers: Your friend to enter the Referral code for first transaction via the Bhim app, you will be awarded Rs.10 in your Refferal Credits and your friend will get Rs. 25 as a referral bonus.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has introduced the BHIM App recently with biometric authentication of users. The Bharat Interface for Money app is shortly known as BHIM App. As of now, this app is used by millions of clients and merchants in India. PM Narendra Modi has introduced this app to encourage the digital payments in India. The BHIM App is now accessible to download for all the operating systems windows, android, and ios. At present, the BHIM app is having more than 18 lakh users. The Government has planned to promote the usage of BHIM App further more. On the enhancement of BHIM App, the Government has introduced Cashback Offers, Referral Bonus offers on Friday 14th March at Nagpur.
On 14th April (Friday), PM Modi has announced 2 special plans for clients and merchants, those are, BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme for individuals and BHIM Merchant Cashback scheme for businesses. With these special offers, clients and merchants will get the benefits of cashback.

BHIM APP Referral Bonus & Cashback Offers – Procedure to Get Rs 25 Rewards

NITI Aayog & PM Modi has launched BHIM App Referral Scheme to increase digital payment in India. This is very good steps that can benefit to the user who refers BHIM APP download link to friend/ other users. For each download, the user gets Rs 10 and the person who install and use BHIM UPI APP then he/ she gets Rs 25. You can earn thousand every day by providing referral link on your websites or provide links via email, WhatsApp, google or facebook messages.
Earn exciting rewards by referring the BHIM App

BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme (For Individuals)

The Referral Bonus plan will boost existing BHIM clients for bringing new clients on the BHIM stage and urging the new clients to do transactions with others making use BHIM or by calling new clients on BHIM. Henceforth, the reward will be paid to both the referrer and the new client of BHIM (ref).
  • The referral will be viewed as effective simply after 3 successful transactions have been finished by the new client.
  • On finishing of least 3 remarkable fruitful transactions totalling just Rs 50 to any 3 extraordinary clients (either to clients or to dealers), the referrer and the official will be told about the reward sum by means of warning in BHIM app.
  • The referrer will get Rs 10 for every fruitful referral, while the new clients will get Rs 25 for downloading and executing from BHIM App.
  • Anyone of the registered clients can get the benefits of BHIM Referral bonus scheme.

Procedure to Get Rs 25 Rewards – Referral Bonus & Cashback

How to Enroll/ register for BHIM App Referral bonus scheme:
  • Refer your friend and ask him to download the app from the playstore or iOS Store.
  • Ask your friend to enter the Referral code for first transaction.
  • Earn exciting Rewards.
To use BHIM App referral program, do the following:
  • Download & install the Latest version of Bhim app on your mobile phone.
  • If you are a new user just Register by entering the number which has been linked to your bank account. After this, you will receive an OTP which you have to enter and if you are an existing user just login by using your mobile number.
  • As soon as you enter your 4 digit passcode, the app main interface page will be open. From here you will have to note your UPI address. In case you haven’t  yet designated it, Go to My Profile > Tap the 3 dots in the top right corner > Open settings> Scroll down below where an option to edit your VPA will be present, tap on that.
  • Click on Profile > a barcode will be present there > Press share button and send it to your friends and family.
  • Now, Ask your friends to download the Bhim app and Register themselves with their registered bank account by the link that you’ve sent to them.  your link & register an account using valid bank account.
  • Now, when they’ll do their first transaction, they will be asked if they have a referral code. Tell them to enter your mobile number.
  • As soon as they do 3 transactions via the Bhim app (totalling Rs 50 or more), you will be awarded Rs.10 in your Refferal Credits and your friend will get Rs. 25 as a referral bonus after completion of the transactions.
  • Users can do unlimited referrals and the amount can be easily directed into the account within quick seconds.
  • The merchants will be awarded with Rs. 25 cashback on every invite they make.

Watch the Video: Exciting Offer on BHIM App, Refer to Friends & Family (English)

How to Check Referral Rewards?

To check your Referral Rewards follow these steps:
  • Open BHIM app in your mobile and in the main menu tap on ‘transactions’ option.
  • Now click on the top right corner and Tap on ‘rewards’ button.
Reward Section of the App
  • By pressing it a menu will open. Here all your referral credits will be listed.
  • Three unique transactions of Rs 50 or more
  • Referral code is your BHIM registered mobile Number
  • Rewards of Rs 25 for your friend and Rs 10 for you.
  • Start of this scheme is 14 April 2017
  • End of BHIM App Referral Scheme is 14 October 2017


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